Best Running Shoes For Sesamoiditis: Keep Fit Without Pain

Running is a good and fun way to enjoy outside weather while staying fit. For many people, running is a way to get rid of stress and relax their minds and body. Such a hobby is a good thing, and one of the needed things for comfortable running is a good pair of running shoes. But sometimes, the reason for discomfort is not the shoe, but something is known as Sesamoiditis. Here is a list of the 5 best running shoes for sesamoiditisto pick from. 

Best running shoes for sesamoiditis

What is Sesamoiditis and What Causes It?

Sesamoiditis is the inflammation of the tendon in the foot around sesamoid bones. This condition is usually found in athletes and runners. And the pain can be quite chronic and can limit the mobility of a person.  

The cause of this issue is excessive weight and pressure on the heel of the feet. If the heel is required to support too much weight, it can severely impact the heel and foot overall. In addition, this inflammatory disease grows rapidly so, and one needs to treat it as soon as possible.  

To reduce the pain and stress on the feet, one should buy shoes made especially for Sesamoiditis. It is beneficial and comfortable while pace walking, jogging, or running.

Why are Shoes for Sesamoiditis Beneficial?

As the pain from Sesamoiditis can be causing a problem in doing day-to-day tasks and running these special-purpose shoes can reduce the pain. The shoes are designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements of a person suffering from Sesamoiditis. It will have proper cushioned insoles and arch support to protect the feet. Having a securely fitted shoe for Sesamoiditis keeps the feet secure and keeps the pain away.

Guide for Buying the Best Running Shoe for Sesamoiditis

Since Sesamoiditis running shoes have a special purpose of fulfilling, it is not as easy as going to a shop and picking running shoes based on just fit and design. There are particularly certain features that one should keep in mind when buying the best running shoes for sesamoiditis. 

Design of the shoes

Many people skip checking the design of the running shoes but, if one wants to fasten the healing process of Sesamoiditis, they should pay attention to this.

The thing to check is whether the heel is raised or not. And one should avoid buying shoes with a raised heel because it will cause uneven distribution of weight and instability. Instead, the best choice will be a zero heel-to-toe drop, as it is the natural shape of the feet. 

Proper cushioning

The shoes should have proper cushioning especially, in the forefoot region. It is to protect the ball of the feet. The cushioning will absorb shock while running and keep the ball out of harm. Cushioning is important if one wants to experience a walk without feeling any pain, and it also keeps one stable when the trail is uneven.

Wider shoes

It is seen that usually, Sesamoiditis causes the feet’ shape to change, and it also swells in some cases. Thus, it is better to go for running shoes that have a wider toe box area. This way, during walks and runs, the feet can spread comfortably.  

Arch support

Arch support in shoes for Sesamoiditis is a must-have. Because in Sesamoiditis, it is always advisable to put less pressure on the ball of the feet. Because any unwanted pressure can increase the healing period of the feet or lead to some serious injury. And the best way to release pressure in the ball area is by having arch support in the running shoes.

Arch type

People have different natural feet arches, so one should buy shoes based on their arch. For example, if one has a neutral or flat arch, buy shoes with cushioning in the forefoot region. And for people with high arches, it is best to go for shoes that also have a high arch design. Such designs can prevent Sesamoiditis from further complicating.

Also, in both situations, make sure that the shoe is wide enough so that the foot can spread and there is less strain on the forefoot region. And the cushion should be able to absorb external shocks to keep the ball safe.

Comfort level

Shoes should be comfortable especially, in the case of Sesamoiditis. When a shoe has proper features that support the feet, it automatically becomes comfortable to wear. So, make sure that the shoes have all the necessary attributes like arch support, cushioning, fit, and design. All these will be present in the best running shoes for Sesamoiditis. So, do not settle for anything other than those. 

5 Best Running Shoes for Sesamoiditis
1. ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

This shoe easily takes the title of one of the best running shoes for Sesamoiditis. The geometry of the shoe has the best cushioning and fits like a glove. It is 100 percent textile, and the material and design allow air to pass, keeping the feet dry and free from bacterial infestation. In addition, the Heel Clutching technology in these shoes provides extra support and makes it comfortable to spend long hours in.

  • The cushion easily absorbs any external shock.
  • The geometry of the shoe reduces pressure on the feet.
  • The fluoride technology with gel cushioning gives a bounce while walking/ running.
  • The place for improvement is the toe box area.
  • It can seem a bit pricy.
2. Nike Women's Running Shoes

Nike came out with Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, which has been upgraded in many features. It is more breathable, and the tread pattern on the outside gives better grip, and the shoes sit firmly on the feet. The upgrade also added a heel collar so that the Achilles have a comfortable room. In addition, the shoe is now more flexible and can be a perfect fit for people with narrower and wider feet. 

  • The Achilles sits comfortably.
  • The mesh on the outside gives the shoe a snug fit.
  • The bevelled structure of the heel gives additional support to the feet. 
  • The cushioning foam can get warm during hot weather.
  • Lacks any arch support.
3. HOKA ONE ONE Men's Bondi 6 Running

Out of the entire HOKA ONE ONE shoe range, the Bondi 6 is the best one, especially for people with Sesamoiditis. The cushion is very soft, and the synthetic material of the shoe makes it very comfortable and breathable to wear. The cushioning material used is EVA midsoles. The outsole is made of rubber which can protect the feet from any harsh impacts. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 is a very good running shoe in general for runners and athletes.

  • The lycra and mesh make the shoe breathable.
  • It can be easily cleaned.
  • The wide base makes the shoe stable.
  • Provides the comfort and support needed for Sesamoiditis. 
  • Not the best choice for narrow feet.
4. Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe

Stability is very important for every runner, and these shoes provide just that making it a very good running shoe. The material of the shoe is a mix of synthetic and textile, making it very flexible and breathable. The shoe earns Wave Inspire’s name from its technology of spreading the energy received evenly on any impact like a wave. In addition, the cushioning is comfortable and lightweight. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 13 is a running shoe that is perfect for women with Sesamoiditis. 

  • The rubber sole is durable.
  • The inner sole is removable.
  • Double Fan Wave for more flexibility.
  • Ankle support is very less.
5. Saucony Grid Omni Walker Running Shoe

This shoe from Saucony ticks both the boxes of looks and performance. It is made of leather and textile with a mesh tongue for a comfortable experience. It has a midfoot bridge as a support technology that will reduce any pain in the back of the feet. The cushioning provides extra support to the heel, and the toe box is also wider. All this makes it a very successful purchase for Sesamoiditis. 

  • Biochemical fit because of the asymmetrical sole.
  • Rubber sole provides stability.
  • Patented Walk Trac outsole design for better performance. 
  • Not a very sleek design.
  • Only available in two monochrome colours. 

One should not let Sesamoiditis turn into something more critical. Take good care of the feet by buying the proper and best running shoes for sesamoiditis specifically designed for Sesamoiditis. This will make one’s life easier as there is no more chronic pain to cause any hindrance to their daily life.  

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