Steel Toe Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis: No More Pain While Working For Long Hours

If one feels a sharp pain in their heel after they get up from sitting for too long or with the first step out of bed in the morning, there is a chance that they have Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation in the ligament (called fascia) that runs from the heel to the toes. The ligament in question here is under the foot pointed by the word “planter”. Usually, the pain goes away as the day progresses, and the foot is involved in activity but can start acting up if one stands on feet for too long. Once it is diagnosed, try wearing proper work boots like steel toe shoes for plantar fasciitis to support the feet and help them recover properly.
Steel Toe Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Why One Should Choose Steel Toe Boots for Work?

Plantar Fasciitis causes discomfort and pain to the feet which, can be difficult to withstand. But, with proper work boots, one can support their feet and protect them from any strain when standing for too long. In addition, the shoes make it easy to handle the pressure of walking and standing on hard surfaces. And helps one to say bye to pain!
And if the feet are comfortable, then it automatically increases the work efficiency of people. And working for long hours becomes easier. But, on the other hand, if one leaves Plantar Fasciitis to go undiagnosed, it can create more complexities. So, consult the doctor for proper treatment and wear steel toe boots to avoid any further injuries that can lead to expensive surgeries.
Plantar Fasciitis can be quite painful so, why try and bear with it when an alternative to relaxing the feet off the pain is available.

Features to Consider When Buying Steel Toe Boots

In search of steel toe boots that are best for work? Use the following guide to have a successful purchase.

Midsoles with Shock Absorption

One of the things that cause the strain that leads to Plantar Fasciitis is the bumpy hard surfaces on which one walks and stands. Thus, proper steel toe boots with shock absorbing midsole will relieve the feet’ relief from walking and standing on a bumpy surface. In addition, the boots absorb the impact and pressure, and the feet are comfortable.

Cushioned and Contoured Footbeds

The inflammation in Plantar Fasciitis is in the feet’ bottom ligament, which hurts when one stands or walks for too long. To relieve this stress, nicely cushioned and contoured insole work boots will do wonders. The footbeds will take the shape of the natural arch, and every time the body weight puts pressure, they will provide the needed support and reduce the strain and stress.

Deep Heel Cups in Medium Size

Out of all the sizes and types, this combination is the best. The deep heel cups secure the position of the heel and reduce any unwanted strain and tension. And the medium size heel cups help with the proper resting position of the heel. As the heels are the epicentre of pain and strain in Plantar Fasciitis, it is important to protect them. So remember to go for Deep heel cups in medium-size steel toe work boots.

Safety Toe Caps

Even though the heel is the part that needs protection in Plantar Fasciitis, but when working around heavy equipment and materials, features like safety toe caps should also be in a good work boot. What the safety toe caps do is keep the toes safe if any heavy thing falls on the feet. There is extra protection in the toe region of the boots. This feature should be in every boot that workers use and is not limited to only people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.


It is a known fact that shoes should have a snug and proper fit, or else the feet dances around the shoes and is uncomfortable to walk in. This is more important for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Therefore, the heels should be sitting properly and in a relaxed state. A tip can be to look for boots with quality laces to keep the boot tightly fit.

Good Quality Material

The market is now more quantity-oriented than quality-oriented. Even the costly work boots seem to have cheap quality material. So pay special attention to the quality of the work boots. One of the good materials is full-grain leather. Good quality steel toe shoes for plantar fasciitis will have a quicker break-in, and one will not have to deal with blisters.

Five Best Steel Toe Boots For Plantar Fasciitis

1. Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot
Caterpillar knows the needs of the consumers, so the manufacturers put great efforts into their footwear to give a comfortable experience to their customers. The shoe has steel toe protection that delivers protection along with durability and comfort. Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot is made of leather that can be worn every day to work. It is ankle cut and looks very stylish. The heel is comfortable, and the outsole is oil-resistant. Its features are perfect for long work hours.
  • Breathable insole
  • Protects from electrical hazards.
  • The rubber outsole is slip-resistant.
  • The PU footbed is removable and comfortable to wear. 
  • Not very durable.
2. KEEN Utility Lansing Mid Steel Toe Work Boot
This steel toes work boot by KEEN Utility is 100% textile. This boot is a very good choice for people who work on construction sites, are industrial workers, do electrical work, or like landscaping. The material of the boot keeps in waterproof, and the shank protects from electrical hazards. It is steel-toed with enough space for the feet to fit comfortably. Also, the textiles used keeps the feet dry and use probiotics to prevent odour.
  • The asymmetrical design of steel toe caps.
  • Waterproof design
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Anti-slip feature.
  • Not the best laces. Loosen up easily.
3. WOLVERINE Raider Steel-Toe 6" Work Boot
Wolverine has been in the market for 135 years. And their years of experience are seen in the quality of their work boots. Their products like WOLVERINE Men’s Raider Steel-Toe Work Boot can withstand harsh and tough working environments. These boots have shock-absorbing pads that reduce the pressure and strain of hard surfaces on the feet and heels. In addition, the mesh lining in the boot absorbs moisture to keep feet dry and comfortable.
  • Has steel toe cap protection.
  • The compression pads absorb shocks.
  • Sturdy ankle support.
  • Made of leather material and fits securely.
  • The boots are a bit heavy weighted. 
4. Timberland PRO Pitboss 6" Steel-Toe Boot
Timberland understands the needs of the customers when they have to work in tough environments. Thus, with boots like PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot, Timberland tries to make sure that the users feel safe and comfortable wearing them. These steel-toed boots will keep the feet protected, and the Comfort Suspension feature keeps them comfortable during long working hours. Even the top collars around the ankle are cushioned and padded.
  • Lining that keeps moisture away.
  • Unique ankle support.
  • Anti-slip technology.
  • The design is chunky and heavy.
5. Timberland PRO Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Boot

These Timberland Steel-Toe boots are waterproof and slip-resistant which, makes sit perfect for workers in the gas and oil industries. The technologies in the boot make it shock-absorbing and reduce strain and tension on the feet. And one can also wear it for casual purposes. So the boot ticks both the box of style and comfort.

  • Designed to support industrial traction.
  • Unique geometrical design to keep the feet comfortable.
  • Made of 100% leather material.
  • Steel toe-cap to protect the toe region.
  • Not very durable, the sole starts cracking.
  • The stitching also comes off.

Work boots have the main purpose of providing comfort to the feet throughout the day. Before buying steel toe shoes for plantar fasciitis, know the features and make sure they fit their requirements. Comfortable shoes are very important to have an effective day. So, spend some money and make a good investment in these work boots.

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